• Beidou interference detector
  • Beidou interference detector

Beidou Interference Detector

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  The Beidou interference detector consists of 1 host, three antennas (including brackets) and RF cables. The Beidou interference detector can generate three Beidou B3 frequency band interference signals, each signal can generate broadband, narrowband, pulse, multi-point sweep frequency and other types of interference signals and the interference power can be adjusted. The 3 interference signals output by the host are respectively connected to 3 transmitting antennas

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  • Color: Default Color
  • Size: Default size
  • Origin: china
  • Usage: telemetering
  • Type: Default Type
  • Weight: 99.9% Type


  Easy to operate, simple to install, one person can complete the deployment of equipment and the test task of the Beidou navigation positioning device to be tested;
Powerful functions, support the generation of various types of interference in the Beidou B3 frequency band, meet normal testing needs;
Portable, all equipment is placed in 2 portable equipment boxes, easy to carry;
Visual interface, the host uses touch screen operation, the interface is completely graphical and visual, all menu operations can be realized on the homepage, there are no multi-level submenus, which is convenient for outdoor operations;
Quickly form detailed reports, generate test reports in real time after the test is over. The report content includes information on the test time interval, the number of devices to be tested, the number of interference, the type of interference, the power of interference, etc., and also includes the average number of satellites of the device to be tested, the signal-to-noise ratio of a certain satellite of the device to be tested, and the positioning accuracy of the device to be tested under the conditions of no interference and interference.
The equipment has passed military inspection and has completed the finalization and batch delivery.

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