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 Features 1.        The airborne video interface supports synchronous RS-422 input. 2.        Small size, light weight, and high integration. 3.      

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 Features: 1.Support : 300MHz~3GHz,Frequency can be configurabled. 2。DataRate: Up to 600Kbps  3.Mode: Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint  4.Networking Ability: Support 32 nodes  5.Hopping Rate: ≥1000hop/s  6.Hopping Frequency Number : 32 , 64, 128, 256  7.Hopping Method: Adaptive hopping

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Features: 1. Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and MESH networking. 2. Automatic spectrum monitoring with intelligent frequency selection. 3. Low latency with communication delays of less than 30ms. 4. AES256 encryption. 5. Adjustable communication bandwidth: 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz. 6. TDD mode with distinct uplink frequency and downlink frequen

UAV Data Link Supplier is Here for Aerial Devices' Precise Control 

The time has come for users to operate their UAVs with intelligent controls. Beijing UnitedForce Technology Co., Ltd. is the solution here. Use our UAV data link systems to connect ground control and UAVs for prime performance. Our engineers manufacture them to the best performance that users want. Since strong connections are mandatory, we work on these elements. Then, you can link input and output devices for UAVs to achieve your objectives. 

 Real-Time Data and Clear Status of the Desired Location

Get real-time information from your UAVs through our data link system. The data collection and transmission process will be fast and timely. Our UAV data link factory can meet your demands for aerial-based data collection. Connecting our UAV data link system allows you to collect information from remote areas. For accurate outcomes, find a strong connection between the UAV, satellite, and the operator.

 Long-Distance Connectivity with a High Range of Frequency 

The working range is extensive for smooth connectivity throughout the process. Beijing UnitedForce Technology has a UAV data link factory for such devices. Users will get unbelievable performance from them. They will send and receive signals from satellites for immediate response. Since the connectivity range is extended, users can perform operations uninterruptedly. 

Fast Video and Image Processing

Both video and image content will flow safely through the UAV data link you install. UAVs will get a secure and stable data link system to process complex and straightforward analyses. All aerial operations will take place efficiently without dropping any signal. Your UAV will then be able to capture the image with high clarity. UAV controllers will receive timely responses with the help of our devices. 

 Explore the Budget-Friendly Price Range of UAV Data Link System

Beijing UnitedForce Technology is set to supply data link devices worldwide at a cut price. It would help if you had a UAV data link supplier who offers such a discounted price range. We can do that because we deal in the international industry. UAV-related companies can purchase them from us at factory rates. We deal in the wholesale price range, which will be affordable for almost everyone.  

Fulfilling Wide Demand by Supplying Across the World

 Our motive is to serve global customers promptly. Beijing UnitedForce Technology supplies UAV data link systems in bulk to many buyers. You can be one of those customers who can procure them in large volumes from us. We cover many regions, and yours could be one of them.