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Company Introduction

Founded in 2015, Beijing UnitedForce has carved a niche as a high-tech leader in satellite navigation and UAV Communication technology. Recognized for its innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to quality, United Force caters to corporate clients with cutting-edge products and technical expertise.

Their seasoned R&D team, led by a Tsinghua University alumnus, boasts doctoral and master's degrees, driving advancements like miniaturized UAV data link terminal with 150km range, anti-jamming navigation Products for complex scenarios, and groundbreaking helicopter satellite communication systems, solidifying their position as a global leader in this dynamic field.



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Beijing UnitedForce Technology Co.,Ltd

Top Satellite Communication System Supplier 

There is only one place where you can easily reach satellite communication systems. Beijing UnitedForce Technology Co., Ltd. is the name behind such modern technology. We are a source of devices that can complete your UAVs and satellite systems. The devices we manufacture result from top R&D processes and quality inspection. Always expect an optimum level of performance from our equipment. 

Connect smoothly to Aerial Devices 

 When you choose a satellite communication system supplier, you expect the best. Beijing UnitedForce Technology is responsible for stable connections between aerial devices and ground systems. By choosing us, you will always receive the best equipment. Fast response and element detection make our devices compatible with modern applications. From logistics to aerospace operations, you can count on us. 

 Real-Time Information Processing 

Data analysis will be highly accurate and stable when you choose our devices. They will share accurate data in real time. Ultimately, with the help of our satellite communication systems, you will find information even in remote locations. Image, video, and other data modes will arrive on time. The connection between a UAV, satellite, and ground systems will be free of interruptions. 

Compatible with High-Altitude 

 All the components we installed in them can deal with harsh conditions. With a wide range of temperature resistance, they can deal with high-altitude conditions. That means you should choose us as your satellite communication equipment distributor. No challenge will be able to create any disturbance in the data collection process. Their high compatibility reaches the satisfaction levels of users in the space industry.

Affodable Price Range

The price you're looking for is available here. We maintain a low price range for all the local and international customers. Beijing UnitedForce Technology is a satellite communication equipment distributor that offers discounts. Always choose us when you wish to purchase equipment for satellite communication. Our budget-friendly rates will meet your purchasing power.

 International Supply 

As a renowned satellite communication system supplier, our supply goes beyond borders since we have global reach. Buyers from all over the world should choose Beijing UnitedForce Technology. Then, they will get opportunities for international supplies. We can supply the Middle East, North Africa, and other regions. These are some of the areas we deal with frequently. You can place orders to get a timely response from our dedicated workers.