• Compact 15km Video and Data Link System for UAV
  • Compact 15km Video and Data Link System for UAV

Compact 15km Video And Data Link System For UAV

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The compact UAV Video and data link system facilitating wireless video and data communication between the UAV and the ground station. One video stream and two data streams can be transmitted. The downlink delivers video and telemetry data, while the uplink delivers remote control commands. The video interface of airborne terminal supports Ethernet accommodating various types of airborne electro-optical pods.

    Additional Information

  • Color: Default Color
  • Size: Airborne 124mm x 64mm x 14mm
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Airborne & Ground
  • Type: UAV datalink
  • Weight: Airborne 0.2kg



1.        The airborne video interface supports synchronous RS-422 input.

2.        Small size, light weight, and high integration.

3.        Communication distance exceeds 15km, reliable for different types of UAV applications.

4.        Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint mode .

 Technical Parameters

1.        Frequency: 500MHz~1400MHz, default frequency is 1.4GHz.1

2.        Downlink Transmission Rate: ≥5Mbps (up to 10Mbps supported)

3.        Uplink Data Rate: ≥300Kbps

4.        Bit Error Rate: <1×10-6

5.        Data Latency: ≤35ms

6.        Communication  distance : ≥15km (under line-of-sight conditions)

7.        Airborne terminal video supports one Ethernet interface

8.        Airborne terminal data supports two asynchronous RS-422/RS-232 serial ports

9.        Ground terminal outputs all data from a single Ethernet interface. One IP address is assigned per aircraft, with different port numbers designated for different payloads on the same aircraft.

10.    Airborne terminal dimensions: ≤124mm x 64mm x 14mm

Airborne terminal  weight: ≤0.2kg

11.    Ground terminal  dimensions: ≤137mm x 103mm x 44mm,

Ground terminal weight: ≤0.6kg

12.    Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 65℃

13.    Storage Temperature: -45°C to +75°C

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