The 100km Frequency-Hoppoing Radio For UAV

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The 100km frequency-Hoppoing  Radio for UAV is a high performance, industrial grade, long-distance  radio solution that ensures reliable wireless data communications over 100km. The radio  supports networking communication including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and relay. The default operational frequency is 1.4GHz,the frequency  can be  configured.The communication distance is no less than 100km.

    Additional Information

  • Color: Default Color
  • Size: Airborne 220mm*160mm*60mm
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Airborne & Ground
  • Type: UAV datalink
  • Weight: Airborne 0.4kg



1.Support : 300MHz~3GHz,Frequency can be configurabled.

2。DataRate: Up to 600Kbps 

3.Mode: Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint 

4.Networking Ability: Support 32 nodes 

5.Hopping Rate: ≥1000hop/s 

6.Hopping Frequency Number : 32 , 64, 128, 256 

7.Hopping Method: Adaptive hopping

8.Interference Resistance:  50% of the time or 50% of the frequency band 


10.Mobility Speed: Supports 2 Mach 

11.Operating Voltage: 18~32V

12.Power Consumption: 50W@5W TX  ; 100W@10W TX

13.Size: 220mm*160mm*60mm

14.Data Interface:Net,TCP/IP,UDP

15.Communication distance:100km

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