• Miniaturized telemetry transceiver baseband board

Miniaturized Telemetry Transceiver Baseband Board

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  The telemetry transceiver system consists of a telemetry transmitter and a telemetry receiver. The telemetry transmitter is installed at the front of the wing propeller, and the telemetry receiver is installed inside the fuselage. After collecting data from onboard sensors, the telemetry transmitter outputs the signal, which is then transmitted out through the telemetry transmitter. After receiving the signal, the telemetry receiver completes signal demodulation, decoding, and outputs the data stream.   The telemetry transmitter and telemetry receiver use identical board

    Additional Information

  • Color: Default Color
  • Size: 60mm*50mm*12mm
  • Origin: china
  • Usage: Telemetry transmitter/Telemetry receiver
  • Type: Default Type
  • Weight: 99.9% Type


Functional and performance indicators

Transmission channel: 1 channel;

Receiving channel: 2 channels, supporting left-handed and right-handed reception;

Carrier frequency: 70MHz~6GHz, adjustable;

Telemetry transmission system: PCM-FM BPSK、QPSK、SOQPSK-TG, And CDMA;

Remote control transmission system: PCM-DPSK-FM, main letter system, and CDMA;

PCM code types: NRZ-L, M, S, BI phi - L, M, S, NRLZ-L, a total of seven code types;

PCM frame structure: programmable, compliant with telemetry standard IRIG-106;

Remote control command format: complies with aerospace remote control/safety control standards;

The PCM-FM system has 5 symbol MSD detection functions;

Channel encoding and decoding: with TPC, LDPC, RS, convolutional and other encoding and decoding functions;

Modulation index (frequency offset): 100KHz~3.5MHz, adjustable;

PCM code rate: 100Kbps~10Mbps;

Working frequency band: L/S band, step by 100KHz, adjustable;

Transmission power: 200mW;

Transmission distance: not less than 100m;

Transmission delay: ≤ 5ms (from the RS422 interface of the transmitter to the RS422 interface of the receiver to output data).

Power supply: DC5V, power consumption not exceeding 6W

Working temperature: -40 ° C to+60 ° C.

Storage temperature: -50 ° C to+75 ° C.

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