• ZKTRS300 Portable Telemetry Station
  • ZKTRS300 Portable Telemetry Station

ZKTRS300 Portable Telemetry Station

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The ZKTRS300 Portable Telemetry Station utilizes a ruggedized portable computer as its platform, featuring a low-temperature touch LCD screen and an integrated battery, making it suitable for telemetry tasks in harsh field environments, as well as for temporary telemetry testing tasks during plant testing.

    Additional Information

  • Color: Black
  • Size: ≤380*280*74mm
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Ground
  • Type: Telemetry
  • Weight: Default 6.2kg



1.        Receives dual RF channel telemetry signal and supports dual-channel diversity composite

2.        Supports dual RF channel transmission.

3.        Supports PCM-FM and PCM-SOQPSK-TG demodulation mode .

4.        Supports PCM modulation and RF modulation for closed-loop self-check of telemetry equipment.

5.        Integrated with a GPS/BDS satellite navigation receiver for time synchronization

6.        Receives external IRIG-B (DC) codes and output IRIG-B (DC) codes for time synchronization.

7.        Features encryption and decryption interfaces,supports network encryption and decryption.

8.        Telemetry data processing software ,for parameter configuration, status monitoring, telemetry PCM data receiving , real-time processing, post-processing, image data processing, and display playback.


1.        Demodulation Mode : PCM-FM/SOQPSK-TG.

2.        Frequency Range: 2200MHz to 2400MHz, with 100KHz steps.

3.        RF Input: two inputs,left-hand circular, right-hand circular, diversity composite.

4.        RF Output: -60 dBm to -15dBm, in 1dB steps, configurable.

5.        PCM Bit Rate: 100kbps to 10Mbps.

6.        PCM Code Types: NRZ-L, NRZ-M, NRZ-S, BIφ-L, BIφ-M, BIφ-S, RNRZ-L.

7.        Time Code Format: IRIG-B (DC code).

8.        PCM output, in compliance with IRIG-16 telemetry standards.

9.        Ruggedized computer:

          - CPU: I7-7500U;

          - Memory: 16G;

          - Storage: 500G solid-state drive;

          - Battery: 12000mAH;

10.    Power Supply: AC220V.

11.    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +65°C.

12.    Storage Temperature: -45°C to +75°C.

13.    Dimensions: 380*280*74mm (not including handle, shock-absorbing pad).

14.    Weight: <6.2Kg.

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