• The portable telemetry signal detection device
  • The portable telemetry signal detection device

The Portable Telemetry Signal Detection Device

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The portable telemetry signal detection device is designed for ground testing of aircraft, particularly missiles and airplanes in scenarios such as hangars and temporary runways. To verify the normal operational status of the aircraft telemetry transmitters, this portable telemetry detection device is used to receive and demodulate telemetry signals at close range, enabling rapid evaluation of the telemetry transmitters on the aircraft.

    Additional Information

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Default Size
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: Ground
  • Type: Telemetry
  • Weight: Default 2kg



1.        Built-in battery for convenience;

2.        Compact size and light weight for easy portability;

3.        Supports RF closed-loop self-check;

4.        Supports real-time display of key parameters for easy evaluation;

5.        Real-time computation and display of frame count and error statistics;

6.        Real-time acquisition of telemetry signals and assessment of signal quality;

7.        Allows for presetting of telemetry tasks, supporting up to 8 telemetry tasks;

8.        Supports network interfaces for real-time transmission of telemetry data.

9.        Remote setting and monitoring.


1.        Transmission Channel (Wireless Self-Check): Single channel.

2.        Reception Channel: Single channel.

3.        Frequency Range: 2200 to 2400MHz, with steps of 0.1 MHz.

4.        Modulation mode : PCM-FM, SOQPSK.

5.        PCM Frame Structure: Compliant with telemetry standard IRIG-106.

6.        PCM Bit Rate: 10Kbps to 20Mbps.

7.        Feature PC+MSD functionality.

8. Power Supply: 12V supplied, with an integrated battery capable of 6 hours of continuous operation.

9. Weight: 2kg.

10. External Interfaces:

· RF Interfaces: Two, one for transmission and one for reception.

· Data Interface: Ethernet port.

· Power Interface: Supports external power supply and battery charging.

11. Operating Temperature: -40 to +65.

12. Storage Temperature: -45 to +75.

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