• The high-speed rotating body telemetry system

The High-speed Rotating Body Telemetry System

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We have developed a telemetry transmission and reception system tailored for the requirement of contactless signal transmission in aviation engines. The telemetry transmitter is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions found within aviation engines, even under extreme temperatures, high rotational speeds, and conditions of shock and vibration.

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1.        Contactless transmission of data and power.

2.        Can be used in extreme ambient conditions (operating temperature range – 40°C to + 125°C, g-load up to 10,000g)

3.        High Communication Rate: up to 20Mbps.

4.        Miniaturized telemetry transmitter modules, Compact Size.

5.        Rotating electronic components enclosed in robust metal housings, resistant to ambient influences

6.        Onboard PCB Transmitter Antenna.

7.        Analog Modulation: No ADC is required.

8.        Shock and Vibration Resistant


1.        Modulation Mode: PCM-FM

2.        Frequency Range: 1.4GHz to 1.5GHz.

3.        Data Rate: up to 20Mbps.

4.        Receiver Bit Error Rate: ≤ 1×10^-5.

5.        Transmission Delay: ≤ 500 microseconds.

6.        Transmitter Dimensions: Φ60mm *13mm.

7.        Weight: 200 g.

8.        Operating Voltage:12Vinductive no-contact power supply.

9.        Power Consumption: 4W.

10.    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C.

11.    Rotation Speed: 25,000 rpm.

12.    Data Interface: synchronous RS-422.


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