• S+C Digital Telemetry Transmitter

S+C Digital Telemetry Transmitter

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S+C digital telemetry transmitter adopts the integrated design of software radio technology and is small in size. It realizes data interaction through network interface, asynchronous RS422, synchronous RS422 and other interfaces, and completes PCM encoding, carrier modulation and transmission of telemetry data.

    Additional Information

  • Color: Default brown
  • Size: Default size
  • Origin: china
  • Usage: telemetering
  • Type: Default Type
  • Weight: 99.9% Type


1) Collect external input PCM data, and the interface circuit is configured to adapt to the input RS422 differential and 5V/3.3VTTL interface levels.

2) Adapt to external input PCM + code synchronization and PCM + codeless synchronization modes.

3) Ability to randomize input PCM data.

4) It has multiple modulation systems of PCM-PSK, PCM-BPSK, and PCM-SOQPSK-TG.

5) It has S and C-band power amplification and transmission capabilities.

6) S+C digital telemetry transmitter configuration management software function.

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